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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Daily DOLs

If you're a teacher in Ohio, then you know what TBT's are, if you're not a teacher in Ohio, maybe you think I'm talking about Throw Back Thursday. Sadly, I'm talking about teacher based teams. For this cycle of TBT my team and I decided to focus on writing, making standards L 1.1, 1.2, and 1.4. Our kiddos were struggling with almost every aspect of basic writing. We were asking ourselves, what's a capital? What's a punctuation mark? You mean question marks mean something? Well my friends, we have answered all of those questions! One of this rounds cycles was completing a daily DOL, and a daily dictation sentence, and through these two basic daily activities, we have seen SO much growth! I am so excited to assess my kiddos on Monday and turn in my data! Here is an example of a DOL:

 All the kids do is find the errors, fix 'em, and rewrite! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! And we. love. it. Now the next part was also essential in our success. In addition to the DOL we also do a dictation sentence. If you don't do dictation sentences, you should start now. They are a fantastic way to practice writing conventions, as well as any phonics pattern you are working on! For example, if you were working on Bossy R Blends, or specifically AR, your sentence could be, "Will white marble will sparkle if you scrub it hard?" There are THREE AR words in that sentence! There is also a question mark! You can tailor dictation sentences to your needs! Here is what the dictation page looks like for us:
What is COPS you ask? I'm glad you did! C stands for Capitalization, O is for Organization, P is for Punctuation, and S is for Spelling. I choose a STAR writer who comes up and shares their first sentence, we check their COPS as a class, and then that person gets a clap from the class and moves their clip up to keep it a positive thing! Sometimes I even pass out red pens for all the kiddos to fix up their sentence. When they have found all the mistakes that they made, they rewrite on the bottom lines. Sometimes I will walk around with a smelly marker to put stars on students work that did a fantastic job! 
I currently have TWO DOL packs in my TpT Store! I will put them into a bundle if anyone is interested! :)
How do you help your kiddos become better writers?
Happy Day!

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