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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Daily Writing Prompts

Going back to good ole' TBT, we have chosen to continue working on writing. Our kiddos have the basics down, but now they need to be able to write on their own. We decided to go with a VERY
guided daily writing prompt. Included on each page to begin with was a DOL or a sentence starter. After the first go around we decided the kiddos needed more room to write, so we got rid of the DOLs and sentence starters. Now, their imaginations can really run wild! I have noticed SUCH an increase in the student's writing abilities, it's not even funny. I will admit, I am NOT a strong writing teacher, but working with my team, and creating these prompts has really made me reflect on my own writing, and using a more diverse set of vocabulary! 

The kiddos are now eager to write, and understand how to use their ideas, and turn them into sentences. They can also write a few sentences that go together! This is big news for first graders! I am so excited about my budding authors, and how much they have grown!

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