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Friday, March 20, 2015

Lesson Plans

As someone who insists on everything being just so, it took me
forever a while to figure out how I wanted my lesson plans to look. I went from writing them for the day on an excel spreadsheet
(including the schedule, goals, supplies, etc), to breaking them down more. I found that while I was planning it was easier, and more fluid, to plan for each subject at once. That way I could easily build on each lesson from the previous day without having to flip flop back and forth between tabs. This is how I do my lesson plans now:  

I am able to easily see the plans for the whole week for one subject. I just list my CCSS on the right, and then the goal next to it. I am able to type my procedures/activity in the middle, and include an assessment. I have these plans for reading, writing, math, and word work. This seriously makes it SO easy to see what I am doing each day for the subject, and how the lessons build upon each other. 
How do you lesson plan?

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