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Sunday, April 19, 2015

First Grade Garden

Hey Everyone!
I am currently in grad school, and was reading about different types of learning. One of the learning types brought up was service learning. This led to a conversation with my husband about how we have learned so much more from our interning experiences than we ever did sitting in a classroom. This led me to thinking... how can I get my little firsties involved in some sort of service learning project? This led to me three ideas. One was to clean up the park across the street. Great, I thought. The kiddos can clean up a space that they play at all the time. Second idea was to create a butterfly garden, and then the kiddos could learn about tending to plants, all about butterflies, etc. This was wasn't so much a service learning as it was hands on. The third idea was one that has been floating around in my head for a while and it was to start a school garden. But this idea comes at a price. I reached out to my principal who has always been supportive of me and helping my student's gain experiences. I listed the three ideas and asked his opinion. He said that he has been wanting to start a school garden for a few years, but didn't have time to manage it on his own, and was thrilled that I brought it up. It was a go! He gave me a budget to work with, and I got to work. I reached out to our local urban gardening organization, and viola! They had four beds that were already built available! All we needed to do was pick them up, add some new compost and other nutrients, and hey! We have a garden! How exciting! At this point I hadn't even brought it up to my students, but I knew they would be thrilled! From that, many lessons have stemmed. Conversations about compost, and how plants grow, and what they need to survive. Not to mention talking about the scientific process, and learning about how to make observations. HOW EXCITING! We became scientists! I am so excited to continue this project, and watch my kiddos (and our plants) grow!

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 I also managed to make a observation journal for my kiddos to write down their scientific observations in! 
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Happy Sunday everyone!

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