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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dare to Dream

A second part of the TpT Seller's Challenge was to think about what my TpT's goals are. This took a bit of thinking, and contemplating. Why am I really doing this?
Pay off student loans and other debt:  
I paid for undergrad, and grad school all on my own that has left me with some hefty student loan payments. While I know I would never trade my degrees or experiences for anything, I do know that I would love for this debt to GO AWAY! Alas, it will not. I have to make 120 payments before anything is forgiven, and the sooner that I can stash up some cash to ease the burden- yay! Also, my husband and I were forced to get new vehicles within a short amount of time, and shortly before we bought said vehicles we purchased our first home. WOMP WOMP! Tom was involved in a head on collision totaling his car, and I was left with a car that decided it was going to burn oil. Another WOMP. 
Supplementing my teaching income:
While my district got a new contract that led teachers to a pretty hefty raise, teaching is still not known for it's amazing income. I work really HARD, as do all of us, and I think that I can share what I do with the rest of the educational world and make teachers jobs easier. I think I create pretty awesome things, and I just want to share that with others!
Tom (my handsome husband) loves to travel, and we don't get to do it enough. We love seeing new things, experiencing the awesomeness that the world has to offer us, and seeing all the things there is to see. We have recently kind of set a goal to see as many US National Parks as we can, and that is going to cost us! By selling the things I make on TpT, that is going to be (hopefully) possible! 

What goals did you set? What do you want to achieve? Why? I'd love to see your goals! :)

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