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Monday, July 27, 2015

BTS Classroom Decor!

Hi! I'll make this quick! :)
While in my room today I kept finding myself making all of these things because:
A. I wanted to do it last year but never got around to it.
B. I was avoiding writing a paper.
C. REALLY avoiding that paper.
D. I was the only person in the building- HELLO copy machine and color printer!
So here it is! All of these things can currently be seen hanging in my classroom! :)

Whoohoo! Kicking off with the AR Wall! I cannot wait to show you this cute little wall when I do my classroom reveal! But if you follow me on instagram (@flippinginto1st) you saw it today! I totally stole this idea from Amy over at Step into Second Grade. Last year my kiddos loved when our librarian would walk around and post the AR points outside of the classroom door, so this it a really great way for the kiddos to track their own points.

I fell out of love with my behavior chart from last year, so here is a NEW one! It's really basically the same thing, but I made it. So there's that. 

I am using these as my word wall letters. Last year I had owls, and they kept going missing so I had no Y, J, and D! So new ones it was!

I am BAD! I never put labels on my book bins, so I made these in effort to actually put my books back where they go. We will see how that goes!

I read someone's interactive notebook "grading" system. And now for the life of me I cannot remember who, or where I read it. So I made one. I really liked her idea! 

These cute little numbers will be on my mailboxes. I will print them relatively small (like 2x2) and then laminate and put double sided tape on the back and smack em on there. Maybe I will actually use the mailboxes then! Ha! 

I am maybe the most excited about this! I need a visual for volume control. Even my own. So here it is. Use your ninja voice please. 

There are FIVE of these in the bundle, so your kiddos get to pick which one they want to work on. I will print these, laminate, and then put on a poster board, maybe laminate again, and then the kiddos will put their name on a post it each week and work on that goal. At the end of the week we will have a quick self eval of how well we did with our goal, and if they want to change their goal or work on it another week. 
You can grab this FREE pack (did I say FREEEE???) in my TpT store! All I ask is that you leave some feedback! :)
Well that was some super typing if you ask me! What kind of fun things have you made for your room so far this year? 

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