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Thursday, July 23, 2015

NEW Freebies!

Hi Ya'll!
Only a couple more weeks of summer left for me, which has put me in high to gear up for the school year. I also have a paper to write for grad school, so obviously I am doing other things. HA! I have TWO new freebies in my TpT store right now! I may bundle them together and sell them as a pack eventually, but for now, grab them for FREE!

The first one I made are these cute book basket labels. I went all year last year with NO labels on the bins, so none of the kids knew where to put the books when they were done, so my library was a DISASTER! Now, at least they have labels so the kiddos can try and put them back where they belong. 
I made them A-Z and a few for category books! I just printed in color, laminated, trimmed, hole punched, and used ribbon to hang on the baskets. I would show you them in my room, but that would be ruining the surprise when I do my classroom reveal! I can't waiiiitttttttt for that!!! 

Bundled in with the Book Basket Labels, I have my Word Wall Letters! They are *SO* cute! I had owl letters last year, and they kept falling off and getting swept up by the custodians, so I am now missing several letters. haha. I knew it was time to make new ones. I am also kinda over the whole owl thing. I have gotten rid of so much owl stuff. 

These letters are bundled WITH the book basket labels HERE! :) 

I also made a new behavior chart. The one I used last year is really beat up. For whatever reason I didn't use card stock, but just printed it on regular paper and laminated. Obviously that won't work for more than one year. I went ahead and made a new one- just to fit my room a little bit better. This chart is also available for a FREE download on my TpT store too! 

Check these out in my shop, HERE for FREE!!! 
It would also be really awesome if you'd follow my shop too! :) Happy Freebies! 

PS- I can't wait to do my classroom reveal. It's coming together SO well! :)

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