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Monday, August 31, 2015

Teacher Week: 5 Fun Facts!

Hi! I am here linking up with Blog Hoppin for their Teacher Week to tell you 5 Fun Facts about me!!
Here they are:

1. My husband and I were good friends in high school but didn't start dating until college. I actually dated a good friend of his for a long time in high school so it was a big deal when The Hubs and I started dating!

2. I am THE WORST at remembering to take pictures. We did so many fun things in school this week that I totally forgot to take pictures of to show all of you guys. I get so mad at myself when I forget too! Does anyone else do this? Just me?

3. You may already know this... but I LOVE my dog. We always tell people that he is just like our child. If you invite us somewhere, chances are my dog will be with me. You can ask my teammates. It really annoys them. He is the cutest, sweetest, most wonderful pup and I want 6 more just like him. 

Seriously. I am turning to mush all over again. 

3. After college I could not find a teaching job right out of the gate. It was a very scary time. But, I had an amazing family come to my rescue and asked me to nanny their kiddos for two years.  I did, and it was one of the best choices I could have made. I don't see them really anymore, but those two boys will always mean so much to me. They helped me get a through a really tough phase of "adulting" that I just wasn't sure I could handle.

4. I have been searching for a new blog name. It's taking forever. And I can't think of anything thats not already out there. See. There is the other amazing blogger over at Flipping FOR First, then there is Falling for First. You see, Flipping INTO First is very similar. When I started this dear old blog I really didn't think I would do much with it. But here we are. So... new name? Any ideas? Clever names? AND PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALL THE NAMES I LIKE DON'T EVEN POST! UGH! ****UPDATE*** I have renamed my blog and I am now Curriculum and Coffee!

5. I LOVE teaching. I feel so lucky to sit in front of those kiddos everyday and tell my story. I am so lucky to work in a building that allows me to have freedom with what I teach, and how I teach it. Just yesterday I was telling The Hubs how lucky I am to work in the building that I am in. I LOVE it there. My Little Wildcats mean so much me, and how I live my life. They NEED me. But they don't realize that I need them too. 

So that's a little about me. What about you? Do you have your 5 Fun Facts? Head on over to Blog Hoppin and link up!
Blog Hoppin

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lesson Plans for Week Three

I just wanted to quickly post my plans for next week. This will be the first week that we actually get into a routine. You see, starting on Sept 8 we will have EIGHTY minutes of designated intervention and enrichment time, which sounds great, but takes away almost all of my whole group instruction time. Which at this stage in the game, we NEED whole group instruction. We need step by step precise directions repeated multiple times. I think whoever came up with this plan forgot that the kids are SIX. SIX! But at this point there is nothing I can do about. So we will spend this week trying to get into a routine, and try and develop some independent working stamina. Sounds SUPER fun right? ha! Just kidding. We will get there, it's just so hard at the beginning of the year. So my plans are by no means fun, but they will be engaging and keep the kiddos occupied. I am also SUPER excited to start interactive notebooks!!!

What do you have planned for week three??

Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Blog Name!

Hi All!
You're probably like, what the heck Lauren? You change your blog design all the time. Now you're changing your name? I know... I'm sorry. But this time my name is here to stay. Flipping into First was WAY too similar to Flipping FOR First and out of respect for that teacher, I knew I needed to find a new name. I am also having Alexis from Laugh Eat Learn redesign my blog in October, so I knew I needed to make the switch. I am also not sure that I will be teaching first grade forever, and am really interested in getting into a curriculum department one day. As of right now, my goal is to be a curriculum coordinator for a district one day {ya know, depending on the stat of public schools in Ohio, but that's a whole other post}. So here I am!

I am working on coordinating and changing my name on everything, so please be patient while I go through this process! 
 photo Picture1_zps5algc7yu.png

Has anyone else ever felt like they needed to change their blog name? Why?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Hi Everyone! I am linking up with Miss Decarbo for another Wordless Wednesday!
I am using this great set for Math Stations this year, which leads me to... 
How do you organize your math stations? What tools do you use and how do you differentiate the stations?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lesson Plans for Week Two!

So this year  have a mostly new team (there are now 6 of us, and 3 of them are newbies!), so we started with a lot of planning together, and most likely will continue to do so. I really love team planning because we can work together and come up with new ideas. We have A LOT of testing to do next week (Boooooo) starting with the Ohio Screener (which might be the worst test ever, because it gives you very little valid data). Then we move into the Orton Gillingham word and sentence test that is SOOOO very long for little ones who can't write or form words. This assessment often ends in tears and a lot of smiley faces for things they don't know. WOMP! Because of all the testing we are doing a lot of craftivities and focusing largely on A Year of Many Firsts First Grade Friends. 
We will meet Respectful Rachel, Really Safe Rita, and the rest of the crew. I LOVED this unit last year and the expectations it set up. I cannot wait to begin this unit on Monday! It is fantastic for setting up a responsible, safe, engaging classroom while establishing routines and finding out who can and cannot follow directions! You also get to plug in a lot of fine motor movement with quite a bit of cutting, and a lot of writing within the crafts! 

Without further ado, here are my plans for the upcoming week!

I will print these out and lay them flat next to each other in my binder for the week. I am really liking this format and how it lets me lay everything out. I can see the whole week at a glance and maybe actually follow my plans! How do you lay out your plans?? 
Here are the fantastic resources I am using this week!

What did you plan for your second week back? I'd love to hear it!! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Five for Friday!

Hi! I am here linking up with Doodlebugs for Five for Friday!

I am super excited for this 5 for Friday because it means I am nearing then end of our first week of school. Both happy and kinda sad faces, right?

Let's talk about how awesome these intervention binders are from Miss DeCarbo.
I have the math AND ELA edition, and I am SO stoked to use them. I have the ELA one all prepped and ready to go, but am still working on the math. I got it at the Boost Sale on Wednesday this week. I have some Miami University students coming soon, so they will probably help me get all that together! I am super excited to use these two AWESOME resources!

Let's chat about clip art. And other awesome things. I am in LOVE with Paula Kim Studios right now. I love the nature-ness to her pieces, as well as the softness. I am not quite sure how I am going to use all of the stuff I got, but when there's a will there's a way... right????

Check her out on TpT!

How about Ashely from Schroeder Shenanigan's tutorial on how to print poster sized clipart and other awesomeness? I totally went overboard printing posters and now I have a ton to laminate and cut out. I know... a teacher's favorite thing to do. The best way to keep a teacher busy is to give them a great tutorial. And then print all the things!

THIS cute little counting book! My kiddos LOVED it! 
We practiced one to one correspondence, writing our numbers, and drawing shapes. We also highlighted our sight words and repeat read the whole book! It was so fun and got us back into counting!

This Fabulous Follower Giveaway from Sliding into 1st! She reached a followers goal of hers and she has an AMAZING prize package going on!

Enter this amazing giveaway here!

Good luck!

Don't forget to link up with Doodlebugs for Five for Friday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekly Summer Link Up: My Guilty Pleasures

Hi! I am home from my second day of school {finally} and am just sitting down. We all only work 9-3... am I right? ha! Anywhooooooo....
I am here linking up with Miss Monica over at I Heart Grade Three for her summer weekly link up, and this week's topic is our guilty pleasure! Now I have been know to have one or two, and one of them involves the happiest of hours, but this is a teacher blog.
So my list is short, and that's mostly because I don't have a ton of free time. 

I LOVE a good latte. I do not need a latte. I like regular coffee just fine. I really do. And I don't like paying $5 for a latte. But on a Saturday morning when The Hubs is at work. I am all about that ridiculously priced/over sugared/awesome latte.

This guy. I finally convinced The Hubs that I needed one... so here it is in front of me and I cannot peal myself away. 27" of spectacularness. I find myself looking forward to working just so I can be using it. There are no words for how awesome it is. None. 
And actually, while I have you all here. I cannot seem to be able to "save as pictures" on this new version of PowerPoint. Any idea where that option has gone or how I find it?

 {this should really just be an add for Apple products. I love them, and will never go back to a PC unless the good folks at Apple do something really stupid.} 

THIS. If you have not tried it, you better just grab your purse and head to the store. Oh. My. Goodness.  Talenti Gelato, and my personal favorite Southern Butter Pecan, is where it's at. 

That's it my friends! What are your guilty pleasures? Link up with Miss Monica over at I Heart Grade Three and tell us all about it!

Friday, August 14, 2015

BTS Plans & a Giveaway!

What do you have planned for the first week? I know I always over plan, but it's better to be extra prepared than not, right? I have some awesome thing planned, and am really excited to get to know my new kiddos. The biggest thing is to practice, practice, and practice those procedures some more. I know doing that now will help make the rest of the year run SO much smoother! So here they are folks...