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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lesson Plans for Week Three

I just wanted to quickly post my plans for next week. This will be the first week that we actually get into a routine. You see, starting on Sept 8 we will have EIGHTY minutes of designated intervention and enrichment time, which sounds great, but takes away almost all of my whole group instruction time. Which at this stage in the game, we NEED whole group instruction. We need step by step precise directions repeated multiple times. I think whoever came up with this plan forgot that the kids are SIX. SIX! But at this point there is nothing I can do about. So we will spend this week trying to get into a routine, and try and develop some independent working stamina. Sounds SUPER fun right? ha! Just kidding. We will get there, it's just so hard at the beginning of the year. So my plans are by no means fun, but they will be engaging and keep the kiddos occupied. I am also SUPER excited to start interactive notebooks!!!

What do you have planned for week three??

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