Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Blog Name!

Hi All!
You're probably like, what the heck Lauren? You change your blog design all the time. Now you're changing your name? I know... I'm sorry. But this time my name is here to stay. Flipping into First was WAY too similar to Flipping FOR First and out of respect for that teacher, I knew I needed to find a new name. I am also having Alexis from Laugh Eat Learn redesign my blog in October, so I knew I needed to make the switch. I am also not sure that I will be teaching first grade forever, and am really interested in getting into a curriculum department one day. As of right now, my goal is to be a curriculum coordinator for a district one day {ya know, depending on the stat of public schools in Ohio, but that's a whole other post}. So here I am!

I am working on coordinating and changing my name on everything, so please be patient while I go through this process! 
 photo Picture1_zps5algc7yu.png

Has anyone else ever felt like they needed to change their blog name? Why?

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