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Monday, August 31, 2015

Teacher Week: 5 Fun Facts!

Hi! I am here linking up with Blog Hoppin for their Teacher Week to tell you 5 Fun Facts about me!!
Here they are:

1. My husband and I were good friends in high school but didn't start dating until college. I actually dated a good friend of his for a long time in high school so it was a big deal when The Hubs and I started dating!

2. I am THE WORST at remembering to take pictures. We did so many fun things in school this week that I totally forgot to take pictures of to show all of you guys. I get so mad at myself when I forget too! Does anyone else do this? Just me?

3. You may already know this... but I LOVE my dog. We always tell people that he is just like our child. If you invite us somewhere, chances are my dog will be with me. You can ask my teammates. It really annoys them. He is the cutest, sweetest, most wonderful pup and I want 6 more just like him. 

Seriously. I am turning to mush all over again. 

3. After college I could not find a teaching job right out of the gate. It was a very scary time. But, I had an amazing family come to my rescue and asked me to nanny their kiddos for two years.  I did, and it was one of the best choices I could have made. I don't see them really anymore, but those two boys will always mean so much to me. They helped me get a through a really tough phase of "adulting" that I just wasn't sure I could handle.

4. I have been searching for a new blog name. It's taking forever. And I can't think of anything thats not already out there. See. There is the other amazing blogger over at Flipping FOR First, then there is Falling for First. You see, Flipping INTO First is very similar. When I started this dear old blog I really didn't think I would do much with it. But here we are. So... new name? Any ideas? Clever names? AND PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALL THE NAMES I LIKE DON'T EVEN POST! UGH! ****UPDATE*** I have renamed my blog and I am now Curriculum and Coffee!

5. I LOVE teaching. I feel so lucky to sit in front of those kiddos everyday and tell my story. I am so lucky to work in a building that allows me to have freedom with what I teach, and how I teach it. Just yesterday I was telling The Hubs how lucky I am to work in the building that I am in. I LOVE it there. My Little Wildcats mean so much me, and how I live my life. They NEED me. But they don't realize that I need them too. 

So that's a little about me. What about you? Do you have your 5 Fun Facts? Head on over to Blog Hoppin and link up!
Blog Hoppin

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