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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sundays are for Planning

Hi! Happy Labor Day Weekend! Who can't use an extra day of recovery from the first few weeks of school? I cannot believe we are already going into week FOUR! 
To help celebrate the three day weekend, and our country's workforce, everything in my TpT store is 20% off until Tuesday!

I am just putting the finishing touches on my lesson plans for the week. We are studying predicting this week, so there are quite a few read alouds featuring that skill. We are also focusing big time on those CVC patterns, and getting all of our sounds correct! I will spend a lot of time doing dictation pages (part of the Orton Gillingham Program that I have referred to numerous times), and reading for fluency. A lot of my kiddos have trouble tracking words, so we will be spending some time in Miss DeCarbo's No Prep Intervention Binder. Those dots are a LIFE SAVER! Tracking, here we come! 

We also start our intervention and enrichment block this week. If i was smart I would have pictures all ready to go to show you, but ya know. I suck at taking pictures. So I have 5 stations, with 4-5 kiddos at each. We will do two stations a day so everyone will go to each station twice. There is word work, red words, writing, interactive notebooks, and read with a partner. My students are grouped heterogeneously, and then are grouped homogeneously to meet with me for intervention or enrichment groups. 

The orange group is my urgent need group. These are the kiddos who don't know all of their letter sounds, don't quite understand how to blend, and lack tracking skills. I will using Miss DeCarbo's No Prep Intervention Binder I mentioned earlier with those kiddos. 

The Red group struggles with blending, but also word recognition and fluency skills. I will be using Guided Reading Made Easy from Kristen Smith. Her pack comes with everything you need to help these kiddos be successful!

The other two groups are my on level and above grade level kiddos who will be receiving enrichment. Leveled readers came with our reading program, so I plan on using those readers with them for now. That will change at some point. I know I need to get into a rhythm with the other two groups before I can really go through and figure out exactly what these kiddos would benefit from. 
So there they are friends. What's in your planner for the week? 

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