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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Currently... MARCH?!?!?!

Hey Friends! Long time no see! I have been SO busy with my little firsties that I cannot even wrap my head around it being March! How did that happen?! Well you know what the first of the month means for teachers, it's time for Currently!

Soooo... It's storming pretty bad here in Southwest Ohio and my lovely wifi went out for a while... which made completing this post very challenging. 
I am LOVING my lent do-jobby. Now I am not Catholic, but The Hubs is, so I respect his tradition of giving something up for lent, and lent has really done me some solids in my life. Like giving up soda- I maybe have ONE every few months (hello this past Saturday), fast food, Goldfish, and Cheez-It's. I really don't indulge in those things any more. Apparently those 40 days really made some good habits for me, so I am using lent this year to get back into the habit of working out. This year I decided to workout five (5!!!) days a week from Saturday-Friday. I am into week 3, and was out of town this weekend so now I have to go EVERYDAY this week! Whew!  This has forced me to mix it up though, and I am already feeling stronger! 
Report cards are coming... Enough said for thinking...
Wanting- SWEETS!  But I have to fit this booty into a swim suit in a short 26 days. 
Needing- Better sleep. My fitbit tells me I sleep horrible, so I am trying to think of ways to increase the quality of my sleep. HELP!
And yes- my school is a polling site with lots of strangers walking around. It's BIZARRE that in this day in age, with all of the safety procedures we go through that this still seems like a good idea. Ummm.... NO!

So Happy March Friends! 
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