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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Currently April 2016

Hey Guys...
I know. I am late to the party... What's new? This month has already been a busy one with testing, spring break, and trying to get my kiddos back into a routine just to have their days upended again. I do have to say though, 4th quarter firsties are hard to beat. By this time they know the routine, how to work independently, and with a friend. They can do things for you like put the iPads into the cart or plug in my laptop that seems to always be running out of battery. They can deliver things without getting lost and can lead the class through morning work. Not to mention 4th quarter curriculum is my favorite. We are getting into double digit addition and subtraction, writing solid narratives, and some of my kiddos are getting into chapter books. This is a very exciting time for first graders! But, let's get to why I am really here!

 April currently is here, and I am only 9 days late!

Listening- I feel like I never get to listen to what I want, so I am taking advantage of that now and perusing Pandora. 
Loving- Bullet journaling. I have been getting so many more things done it's so wonderful! 
Thinking- WTF Ohio! SNOW?!?! In APRIL?!?!?! It was almost 80 degrees a couple weeks ago. What happened?
Wanting- We got back just over a week ago from the Dominican and I can feel my tan fading and my energy dwindling. 
Seriously, the water was SO blue. Only 7 more weeks. WE CAN DO IT!
Needing- I have a major project due in 2 weeks. Have I started it? No. 
Whatever- for serious. Weekends aren't long enough. 

Hopefully I remember to blog before now and May's Currently, but if not...

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