Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to Make Labels!

Hi Friends!
So I got really into this tutorial making business. I think that these are just skills that teachers should have though- the ability to do things themselves! This afternoon I recorded this quick 5 minute tutorial on how to make labels for your classroom! We have all seen them, and contemplated buying them, but now you will know how to make them! Watch below and leave a comment with anything that you would like to learn how to make!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2 for Tuesday!

Hi Friends!
I wanted to quickly link up with Chalk One Up for the Teacher for her 2 for Tuesday Linky!

Each week she features two products in her TpT store that she has on sale! How awesome, right?! Well this week I wanted to feature two new products that I have created.
I am working on creating NEW short vowel activities, and I finally finished short A!

There are 50 pages of activities for your students to complete, all while practicing short A! This is perfect for centers, quick assessments, and interactive activities, and is 20% until Friday July 1!

The second product I have on sale this week is another phonics activity which focus' on digraph CH!

There are 48 pages of interactive CH activities that are perfect for quick assessments, spiral review, and centers. This product is also 20% off through Friday! 

Check out the rest of the sales these awesome ladies are throwing at:
Chalk One Up for the Teacher

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Google Drawing Template Tutorial

Hey Guys!
I created another Google Drawing Tutorial! This one is all about using Google Drawing Templates that have already been created. These templates make it super simple for your students to work collaboratively on a device through the classroom.

I have really enjoyed creating these tutorials, and want to continue doing them! If there is anything YOU want to learn how to do, or if you have any questions, comment below!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Google Drawings Tutorials

Hi! I haven't been by in a while but life has been a little on the CRAZY side! But now that things are finally normalizing and I am finding a routine with it being summer break, I wanted to be sure I popped in! As you may or may not know, I am finishing my LAST semester of grad school, and am getting my degree in Curriculum and Instruction. One my of my last classes in an independent study and my prof. and I thought it would be cool to explore GAFE (Google Apps for Education). So I did, and she suggested exploring Google Drawings, which is a platform I haven't ever really played with before. We collaboratively decided to do a series of tutorials on how to use Google Drawings in the
classroom! I have published my first two videos and am really proud of them, and oddly, I really enjoyed planning and creating them. This was the first time I have really done anything with Google Drawings, but I feel like it's kind of like Microsoft Office Powerpoint, but compatible with Google Classroom, and better for collaboration and sharing digitally.

I wanted to be sure to share the tutorials with you guys, and get any feedback that you have! Is there something else you would like to know? What kinds of things would you like to be able to do with your kiddos digitally?

So here is tutorial #1.
and here is #2!

Questions? Comments? Ideas for other tutorials? Leave me a comment!