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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Baby Must Haves

I know this is a teaching blog, but right now teaching isn't first on my list of things. I am on maternity leave for another month, so it's baby baby baby all day!
With so many new gadgets, tools, and toys out there, I thought I would talk about some of my favorites, and what we have found the most useful this far! We either received all of these items as gifts at our baby shower, or have purchased them ourselves.

1. The Owlet
This is something we were not sure about at first. We knew we wanted one but the first night we used we kept getting false readings and the alarm would go off. It was awful. We realized she was just too small (her weight had dipped to 5lbs 11 oz), and it just wasn't going to work. So we stopped attempting to use it and waited a couple weeks. Once she put on a little weight, we started using it again.

Now, we couldn't sleep without it. I have read too many stories about SIDS to be okay with not using it. If I can pay a couple hundred bucks for peace of mind and to know my child is okay? DONE!
Would totally buy again! You can also purchase this with your HSA!

2. Hatch Rest Sound Machine
This was something we didn't get at a shower or anything. We tried just using a fan, which is what we use as a sound machine. That worked for a couple of weeks, but then just didn't anymore.
We talked about the DOHM sound machine, but the Hatch was only a few bucks more, so we went for it. The Hatch has a ton of different sounds, and once your kid gets older you can set wake times. It's also a built in night light that you can dim or brighten to your liking, which is really nice for middle of the night feedings. It also connects to your phone over bluetooth, which is great if you're not in the room and want to change the volume. You HAVE to change a lot of the settings on the app, which is both convenient and inconvenient at the same time. Overall, this item is more of luxury item and in no way is necessary. This $15 sound machine would work just as well. 
Would maybe buy again?

We like ours. A lot. Loa has basically slept in it since day one. When we put her in her bassinet for the first time, she rolled right onto her side and looked so helpless and alone. It was just too much space. She clearly wanted to be snuggled. So we totally caved and put her in the Dock a Tot, and she has slept in it ever since. 
Now, our Dock a Tot has the marble cover. But really, they're going to spit up all over it anyways. So just get whatever cover you want. 

We only use the Dock a Tot for sleeping. Now, it is not approved for sleeping, this I know. BUT Loa wears an Owlet, which makes me feel a lot better about it. 

She's just about three months now, and she is beginning to fill it in a little bit more, so we may be looking to purchase a Dock a Tot Grand here eventually. But we'll see!
Would totally use and purchase again!

This. Thing. Is. Awesome! Seriously, I cannot rave about it enough! We use it SO much! She lounges in it, plays in it, eats in it. Everything. We take it with us when we travel, or even just to head to a friend's house for the evening. 

Now, there is one like this made by Bobby, called the Boppy Lounger, but I like the Podster because it's adjustable. My six year old nephew was hanging out in it recently. 

Even the dog likes it!
LOVE this item! Would totally purchase again!

We LOVE our Solly! We use it all the time! You have to spend some time learning how to put it on, but it's awesome once you do. What I love about it is that I can put it on before we leave the house and it's not bulky to wear under a coat or a cardigan while driving or if she's not in it. 

Baby wearing for the win! Would totally purchase again!

Other items we have used a lot:

This is great for long term wear, being outside, or just wanting something a bit sturdier.

These make the best burp cloths!

Dr. Brown's Bottles

These ALWAYS come highly recommended! I exclusively pump, so these have been great for Loa!

Amazon Firestick

We don't have cable, but we do have Amazon Prime, so this was totally key in making it through those first few sleepless weeks!

Check out all these items and more on Amazon!

Baby List

What baby items have you loved, or loathed?


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